Cotton Linen

Cotton Linen

Also known as faux leather or pleather, imitation leather is a fabric that replicates the look of real leather. You will therefore see it being called “imitation” or “faux” leather. These “vegetarian” alternatives are also a good option from an animal welfare point of view.

The truth is, there’s no “perfect” fabric – it depends upon the client, the project, the great big picture. That’s why many professionals want you to order fabric through their shop – sorting through all the relevant information is a bit of an art, one that takes knowledge and practical experience.

Sometimes, upholstered pieces are purely decorative, but in most cases, they are functional parts of our home, and using an appropriate fabric ensures a good outcome, and long term satisfaction.

  • Faux Leather – Faux Leather upholstery looks slick, chic and sophisticated.
  • Velvet – gorgeous fabric from London Headboards brings elegance and luxury into your home. Free velvet samples and delivery.
  • Cotton – made from a natural product and is easy to take care of rather than some man made fabrics such as velvets or silks
  • Linen – crafted to our usual high standard.
  • Linen-Cotton – suitable for curtains, blinds, upholstery, headboards, loose covers, cushions, bed covers and dressmaking
  • Polyester – blended with other fibers to add wrinkle resistance, eliminate crushing of napped fabrics

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